Welcome to my retouching course. I’ll show you step by step of what I do with sensual portraits.

This workshop shows COMPLETE WORKFLOW from start to finish with focus on natural look.

Complete workflow: Lightroom Classic+Photoshop+Google NIK:

  • How to select the best photos from the shoot easily
  • how to prepare images for retouch and develop RAW 
  • you will learn easy skin retouch technique (~2 minutes per photo with natural effect)
  • how to use Liquify to get natural look
  • add mood to get unique style of your photos
  • how to prepare and publish your photos to get noticed

Check my images. I do all of them with those techniques.

You will be able to speed up your process and retouch your photos easier to get natural look :)

179 USD


Content of the Course

Section 1. Welcome to the course

1. Welcome (2:43)

Section 2. Let’s start: Importing Your Photos to Lightroom

2. Importing your photos to Lightroom (5:22)

Section 3. Selection

3. Preparing Images for Selection (5:29)
4. Different Ways of Selection: Frustrating and Faster ones :) (5:03)
5. Selection process – Second Step To Choose The Best Images (3:32)
6. Why Images change the color after import (2:52)
7. Tip: How many photos you should publish from the shoot (3:19)
8. Criteria – What is most important to choose the best photos? (5:18)
9. Summary of Selection Process (0:40)

Section 4. RAW Development

10. Introduction and Ways of Changing Exposure (3:26)
11. Correcting White Balance, and Different Ways of Solving Bad WB (2:07)
12. Texture (Clarity), Saturation, Vibrance and Curves: How and What to do (2:32)
13. HSL, Split Toning and BW Preview (4:30)
14. Sync Development Changes Before Going to PS (1:28)

Section 5. Retouching in Lightroom

15. Assessing the portrait: what to correct and which skin flaws to leave? And How? (4:45)
16. Beautify Your Subject: Tips on Better Skin, and Simple Healing with Spot Removal (3:21)
17. Bringing attention of the viewer Radial filter (1:31)

Section 6. Adding Mood and Style in Lightroom

18. Black and White Conversion (3:10)
19. Adding Grain and Vignette (4:12)
20. Brightening Eyes with HSL and Local Adjustment (2:13)

Section 7. Retouching in Photoshop

21. Typical Problems of Retouching in Photoshop (10:54)
22. Setting Up: Preferences in Lightroom for Editing in Photoshop (2:43)
23. Spot Healing Brush and Content Aware Fill (8:49)
24. Healing Brush (3:47)
25. Easy skin retouching – step 2 (8:51)
26. How to Fix Skin Flaws Fast and Remove Fly-away Hair That Are Not in Focus? (1:42)
27. Removing Hair and Fixing Bad Shadow on the Face – Another Example (4:17)
28. Hint on Skin Correction: How to get Believable Skin? (1:29)

Section 8. Liquify

29. Liquify Introduction and Settings
30. Forward Warp Tool
31. Reconstruct Tool
32. Face Aware Liquify, Bloat and Pucker Tools
33. Push Left Tool
34. Freeze Mask
35. Recap after Liquify of All Changes

Section 9. Burn and Dodge

36. Burn and Dodge Intro
37. Brightening and Adding Shine to Eyes, Lips and Hair
38. High-End Retouch Example

Section 10. Sharpening, and Repairing Bad Focus

39. Sharpening Eye

Section 11. Adding Style in Photoshop

40. Summary of Photoshop Retouching
41. Adding Style in PS: My Favorite Color Grading Curve. Black and White Example.

Section 12. Returning to Lightroom after Photoshop – to Add Style

42. Returning to Lightroom after Photoshop – to Add Style
43. Adding Mood in Lightroom after Photoshop
44. Recap of Changes – Comparision of RAW, Retouched and Styled in LR Photos

Section 13. Google NIK Plugin: Silver Efex Pro

45. Two Best Things about Google NIK Plugin Collection
46. Launching Silver Efex Pro 2
47. Advanced Brightness, Contrast and Structure in NIK Silver Efex
48. Local Changes in Silver Efex
49. Film Styling and Grain in Silver Efex

Section 14. Adding Style after Plugin

52. Summary of Retouching and Styling (compare) Before Exporting
50. Burn and Dodge Second Way with Curves
51. Burn and Dodge after NIK One More

Section 15. Publishing – Let Them Find You :)

53. Keywording
54. Exporting Images for Social Media, Web and Print
55. Better Way of Publishing Photos
56. Updating Your Published Photos

Section 16. Summary

57. Summary and Good Bye :)

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minutes of content


complete workflow :)

You will learn…

– how to retouch your photos to get believable images

– how to use easy skin retouching in portraits – amazing results with no heavy, time consuming techniques

– how to add sharpness to your portraits

– how to speed up your workflow from photoshoot to published image

– how to fix sharpness of eyes if you missed focus during the shoot

– how to use effectively Liquify tool in Photoshop

– how to Dodge and Burn easily, without spending too much time on it

– how to publish your work automatically so you can save your time, and get more followers (and customers)